Sniffer100 stands to revolutionize the healthcare industry

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How does it work?

Sniffer100 stands to revolutionize the healthcare industry.Sniffer100 helps doctors to monitor their patient's health conditions by connecting to health devices such as glucometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, fetal monitor, etc.

These devices can log their vital to our specialized EMR system.Sniffer100 makes keeping track of your overall health condition easier.

How is it helpful?

  • The device ensures keeping track of all the essential readings of a patient.
  • The reports and readings are recorded and can be referred to at any point in time
  • The system makes it easier for doctors to monitor their patients seamlessly and helps them take necessary actions to avoid moving into adverse health conditions.
  • It assures the patient that their health is being monitored and kept track of regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

When defining Remote Monitoring plans, you can also set days and time to send automated reminders to patients for them to update their health reading. This would improve adherence to your care plans.
You can define the status of your monitoring plans as 'Live' (visible to patients), 'Disallow New Subscriptions' (new patients will not be allowed to subscribe to them) – this helps you manage the number of patients monitored and also 'Disable' (patients will not be able to view the plans). This way you can remove plans without patients or discontinue plans and stop receiving subscriptions for them.
Prior to their subscription ending, an automated notification will be sent to your patients about renewal. Alternatively, you can view all of the patients on each of your monitoring plans and choose to renew their subscription for them. They will be directed to make the payment for their subscription.