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About us

The platform helps monitor and update the patient's health parameters to the doctor when they test themselves at home. Medsniffer specializes in enhancing remote patient care management in the best possible way.

We help doctors stay updated with patients' health conditions regularly to avoid any adverse health conditions.

Who we are -----

Why choose us?

We are working for better healthcare possibilities

We know the loopholes in healthcare and know how to bridge the gap

We have a dedicated team who works to get better at every step.

So, whether you are running a medicine shop, have a clinic, or are associated with the medical industry in some way, contact us for further details.

Why are we the best option?

  • MedSniffer is one of its kind and has expertise in delivering the product in the segment of remote patent monitoring.
  • Our products help the doctor to monitor a patient from a remote location regularly and avoid adverse health conditions.
  • Our devices help patients and doctors to avoid adverse health conditions through AI-based algorithms.
  • Devices from medsniffer help doctors stay connected with patients and help them in critical conditions.
  • These devices help insurance companies to decide on annual premium structures.